Buying music on the Internet

25 01 2012

Since Lucid Lynx I use Ubuntu One Music Store to buy music on the Internet.

Although I had some problems at the beginning now I’m happy with the service. Still, I can’t find all the music I would like to and I consider the prices a little too high (comparing to Polish earnings) but the number of available tracks and artists grows constantly and buying one or two mp3s in a month is affordable.

Ubuntu One Music Store -- no Metallica

Recently I noticed that also Amazon store was integrated with Banshee. I was really kindly surprised when I found in the Amazon store music that is not available in Ubuntu One Music Store. I picked a track and was about to pay when a nasty screen told me they don’t sell it outside the US.

Amazon -- outside US

Is my money worse? Don’t I deserve that goods? I mean, what the hell is wrong? I know it’s not Amazon’s fault. The zone/region music distribution system has nothing to do with people’s need today. I want to spend my money and I can’t! That makes no sense to me.


Removing indicator-appmenu package from Unity

5 01 2012

In Ubuntu with Unity just type:

sudo apt-get remove indicator-appmenu

logout and log in again. Your life will become… normal 🙂