Ubuntu 10.10

26 10 2010

The latest Ubuntu was released on 10.10.2010 at 10:10. The numbers look magical but is the latest release really so extraordinary? I doubt. Someone may say that I’m going to grumble again against Ubuntu. But I’m not. I simply didn’t switch to the latest release so I can’t say anything about it which goes beyond information from release notes. And this is the first time since, I guess, 2005 when I left a release behind.

The one reason is that I have to do some stuff using Windows and therefore I use Ubuntu less often these days. The second reason comes from a simple fact that my current Ubuntu 10.04 LTS is stable and causes no problem now. But the ultimate reason is that this release brought literally no new feature that I could be possibly interested in. Let’s take a closer look at the release notes.

Ubuntu Software Center

Added “Featured” and “What’s new” sections, history of installs and removals (sounds promising) and Fluendo DVD player for purchase. Commercial software is something that I really want to see more in the Linux world but for now it’s rather a curiosity[1]. History of installs might be useful but not a necessary feature.

Ubuntu font

Wow. The Ubuntu brand grows. But, frankly, who will update his/her release up to the latest version because of a new font?


I had no problem with the installer. But if it’s better, ok – let it be.

Ubuntu Desktop Edition

New GNOME — does it have any important changes to me? I don’t know but I suppose nothing “visible”.

New Evolution — I don’t use it.

Shotwell has replaced F-Spot — I use neither of them.

Updated Gwibber — what the hell is that? I don’t use it.

Upgraded sound menu — would I notice a difference?

Updated Ubuntu One integration — good but again, would I notice any difference?

And that’s all for changes that might be interesting for me. Might be, but are not. I’ll stay with 10.4 but it doesn’t mean that I’m not interested in changes in Ubuntu. Quite the contrary! I will, indeed, carefully observe the way the distribution goes.

[1] — I called a commercial piece of software in Linux a curiosity because it’s the first time I see it in a software manager such as Ubuntu Software Center.




3 responses

27 10 2010

same as you, i think there is no significant new user experience to update to 10.10 🙂

29 10 2010
Marcin Daczkowski

I wonder. How does upgrade in Ubuntu look like? A while ago (when I was using Gentoo) it was just a matter of single command (emerge -update world) and waiting a little bit till compiler finishes. Is this more complex for Ubuntu?

5 11 2010

I don’t update my Ubuntu in a standard way. Normally you’ve got a message from Ubuntu Update Manager saying that a new release is ready. You just click “upgrade” and the release is installed.
Personally, I prefer to manually overwrite the distro’s root partition (keeping /home on another one) with a new install.

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