Karmic Koala

26 11 2009

In my previous post I was blaming Karmic Koala for being the most buggy Ubuntu since I remember (which means Hoary 5.04). After three weeks of using the newest stable Ubuntu Linux I feel much less irritated than I was just after the system installation. See what changed.


In my previous post I wrote about problems with sound and booting. Both are now (more or less) solved.

First problem was occurring during the system boot. I found a workaround but it made booting last longer and required user’s (my) attention. I didn’t give up searching and I’ve finally bumped into another idea. I simply disabled fsck on my fat32 partition and miraculously Karmic started to boot like Jaunty with no “one or more mounts…” error.

The second issue was related to the sound system. One day I googled this thread on UbuntuForums.org. Other posts on other fora suggested purging PulseAudio. I read some more about PulseAudio and decided to give it a chance. I followed the steps described in the tutorial and sound, miraculously again, seemed to work correctly. At least openarena works fine. Great!


Ubuntu is said to be a Linux distribution for everyone. That means it should simple as possible. I don’t consider myself being a Linux guru – I’m a regular experienced user but I encountered problems which I couldn’t resolve just like that. People starting their adventure with Linux would never jump them over. It’s sad because I would really like to make Linux (most likely in form of Ubuntu) more popular. But what would I say to someone who sees Ubuntu – “the best distro for beginners” – causing irritation?


To disable fsck on fat32 partition in Linux one should change the latest column (6th) in /etc/fstab from 1 to 0.

# /windows was on /dev/sda1 during installation
UUID=3440-10F6 /windows vfat utf8,umask=007,gid=46 0 0




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