1 06 2009

Recently I found quite interesting website. [PL]

Maybe its authors didn’t discover wheel but I think we need such sites. Its aim is to lower usage of IE6 below 5% by the end of the year. I find the mission very advantageous, I doubt the aim will be achieved though. The authors suggest to upgrade IE6 to a newer version. Optionally they suggest choosing another browser.

I have known before about another site with similar purpose. [PL]

It this case, the purpose is to educate people about other browsers then IE. However, the authors optionally propose upgrading IE.

I’m sure that more sites like this exist. I really, really want to get rid of IE6 but when I look around I findĀ  that this browser is so deep-rooted that it will take years to see something likeĀ  “IE6 0,9%” in statistics.