Changes, changes… and even more changes.

20 11 2008


It’s been quite a lot of time since my last post. Nevertheless, I didn’t decide to give up posting.

Over month ago I’ve started a draft of a new post called “Changes, changes”. I wanted to write about everything important that happened since the last post. Unfortunately, I didn’t finish the post and now I find even more and more changes. I decided to place them simply in a list (no order applies):

  • Google has published his browser! (Google Chrome)
  • I’ve finished my internship in France Telecom – Julien (responsible for my internship) is happy for my work, I’m happy too – should I expect more? 😉
  • The internship means also the end of my studies – now I wait for my diploma from TELECOM Bretagne and Politechnika Gdanska (some bureaucracy expected)
  • I found a job (I’ll say more once everything is sure)
  • I moved to Sopot (very nice city between Gdansk and Gdynia) in northern Poland (visit if you can – you won’t be disappointed!)

Earlier, I wanted to explain why I have moved from blogger to wordpress. I really used to be convinced to use blogger, but finally I found that wordpress better meets my expectations. Simply, I think that wordpress does blogging better because they are focused on that matter. Google (blogger’s owner) does much more things and that doesn’t mean that everything they do is better.

Finally, I’ll stay with wordpress – it’s faster and easier. Even its free offer is sufficient for me.